MARCH 16, 2021

Deversify enters development agreement on new microsensors with KTH spin-off, GattyInstruments


Deversify AB announced today that they have signed a hardware research and development agreement with GattyInstruments AB – a start-up from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with business focused on nano and MEMS technology for sensors.

“Microelectromechanical systems, or MEMS, is a technology of manufacturing sensors using microfabrication techniques. Small sensors with high sensitivity and fast response times can be developed with unprecedented accuracy. MEMS technology has the advantage of high scalability and small form factors at low costs”, says Anders Murman, CEO and co-founder. “Now, we will work together on building our own microsensors and IPR for Deversify’s existing and future breathalyzer portfolio.” The first integrated circuit prototypes will be presented and tested later in 2021.

Hithesh K Gatty, PhD, founder of GattyInstruments and a postdoctoral researcher at KTH in the Dept. of Applied Physics, says: “It is inspiring to see the ambitions that Deversify have within consumer health, but also to watch the traction their first released product, the acetone breathalyzer Acetrack, is having on multiple markets already. Their diverse product catalogue and their agile approach to product development and global reach are matching well with our skills within nano technology.”

About GattyInstruments:

GattyInstruments is a Swedish technical consultant company within microsystems and electronics founded in 2018. GattyInstruments develops micro sensors and actuators using MEMS technology. The company is involved in providing services on technical review, chip processing, characterization and business development.

About Deversify:

Deversify is a Swedish R&D company offering tech solutions within consumer health. We develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individualized health. Our products help people understand — and improve — their own health. Our mission is to act as a good force against today’s lifestyle diseases – such as obesity, diabetes, addictions, and cardiovascular disease. Deversify operates in growing consumer health markets which today in Europe and US alone are valued at over USD 5 billion. Our first product, the ketone breathalyzer Acetrack®️, measures if your body is burning fat and is currently sold to health-tech consumers. Deversify is here to help you understand your wellbeing holistically – inside and out, from ketones to ECG.