Respiratory analyser

A popular non-invasive method of detecting diseases

Respiratory analyzers have revolutionized the way doctors diagnose and treat a variety of lung diseases, for example, asthma, COPD, heart failure, diabetes, and many more.

With an increased interest in lung function after COVID-19, breath analyzers have become a popular detection tool to diagnose lung health. To remotely monitor lung function, a compact and portable instrument that is remotely connected would be ideal.  With rapid testing and real-time results, Respitaory Analyzer empowers healthcare providers to make informed decisions promptly, enhancing the efficiency of patient care.

In addition, if the instrument could be coupled with high-performance micro sensors that would yield low cost and deliver accurate results.  Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors are small and compact sensors that are usually designed and developed on a silicon substrate.  The advantage of MEMS sensors is that highly accurate and low-cost sensors can be developed using this technology.   With these advanced sensors, that can be integrated into the instrument, we can measure, and diagnose components from the exhaled breath such as flow, gas, pressure, and temperature to name a few. 

At GattyInstruments, we are determined to bring such an instrument directly to the user!

depiction of lungs

Products and services

Breath sensors

Breath sensors

Breath Sensors: Breath sensors are specifically designed micro-sensors that detect components in breath. We have developed the prototype of the following sensors:

  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Metal oxide gas sensors
  • Pressure sensors

These sensors are intended to be used in breath analysis devices. 

Breath analysis Instrument 


Respiratory analyzer: Similar to a spirometer our instrument measures the amount of air a person can inhale and exhale, as well as the rate of flow. It could be used to diagnose a variety of respiratory disorders. During a spirometry test, a patient is asked to take a deep breath and then blow into a tube connected to a spirometer, which measures the amount and rate of air that is inhaled and exhaled. The results of the test can help determine if a patient has any type of respiratory disorder and can also be used to monitor the progress of treatment. 

Consulting and collaboration on Breath analysis

Consulting and collaboration: To enhance our engagement with our partners we also consult on specific topics related to breath analysis and the development of breath instruments.

We are open to collaborating on projects, grant writing, and product development.

About us

GattyInstruments AB is a Swedish R&D company that develops advanced respiratory analysers integrated with microsensors. Founded in 2018, the company has developed advanced sensors such as gas sensors, and pressure sensors,  together with a readout PCB that have potential applications in breath analysis instruments such as Spirometers and continuous gas monitoring solutions.

Our vision is to provide a healthy life to every individual through advanced medical diagnostic instruments. We offer vital solutions to people through sustained innovation in respiratory analyzers. We want to be the leading global provider of these solutions. 

Our core values (Q.A.R.T):


Quality involves adhering to predetermined specifications, standards, or criteria. It means that the product or service meets the established requirements, specifications, or industry standards. Compliance with specifications ensures consistency, reliability, and performance consistency


Accountability refers to the responsibility and answerability of individuals, organizations, or systems for their actions, decisions, and outcomes. It involves taking ownership of one's actions and being answerable for the consequences that arise from those actions.


Responsibility entails recognizing and acknowledging the specific duties and obligations associated with a role, task, or position. It involves understanding what needs to be done and taking ownership of those responsibilities


Transparency refers to openness, visibility, and the availability of information regarding actions, decisions, processes, or policies. It involves providing clear and accessible information to stakeholders, promoting clarity, accountability, and trust.

The team

The team is composed of the right composition of knowledge, experience, and business acumen.

Hithesh Gatty


He is the CEO and founder of the company. His main responsibility is to provide direction to the company's next-gen products. The company was established in 2018 with the purpose to detect and diagnose exhaled breath components. He has a Ph.D. in micro and nanosystems from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Melina Gilbert Gatty

Chair and a Board member

Melina is the chair and the board member of the company. She brings in a vast amount of experience in technical as well as business management. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Chalmers university of technology and a post-doc from Uppsala University.

Niclas Roxhed

Technical advisor

Professor, micro and nanosystems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm Sweden. He is an advisor to Gatty Instruments. He is an expert in sensors for medical systems. He has published over 100 articles, conferences, and journals. He has several patents to his credit. He is also the founder of several companies.

Raghuveer Chimata

R&D Engineer

Raghuveer brings a wealth of experience in the analysis and development of software, machine learning models and big data analytics related to respiratory analyzer instruments. He holds a PhD in computational physics from Uppsala University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Argonne National Laboratory, USA.

Felix Säfström

Embedded engineer

Felix is an avid programmer and electronics design engineer with an appetite for solving problems in embedded systems. Faster data acquisition, threaded programming or wireless communication, Felix has solutions in his fingertips.


Our company is deeply engaged with advisors from Uppsala university, and KTH. We are also working with several business advisors.

We are grateful to all the past Master thesis students, interns, consultants, and part-time employees who contributed to the growth of the company. We are indebted to our customers, advisors, funding agencies, investors, and collaborators. Currently, highly skilled Interns are working with us: Victor Wong, Uppsala University, Health data analytics. Yizhi Zhang, KTH, Modelling and simulation. Dhevisree, Electronics and Vijayakanna R ( Master thesis), Embedded system Uppsala University



We look forward to receiving CV and applications for the following areas:

GattyInstruments is looking for a person in the role of a CEO. The following qualities are required

  • Demonstrated past experience in bringing Medtech product to market
  • Good network and understanding of breath analysis market
  • Proven experience of managing teams.
  • Preferably Masters in Business administration.

We welcome expert consultants in the following areas:

  1. Metal Oxide sensors: demonstrated experience in design and analysis of MOx sensors
  2. Pressure sensors: demonstrated experience in developing pressure sensors
  3. Electronic circuit design: Experience in Circuit and PCB design.
  4. Embedded systems: Proven experience in executing tasks related to product development and programming of microcontrollers interfaced to sensors. 

We welcome embedded engineers with the following competence:

  1. Ability to program using RTOS or any other similar OS
  2. Ability to Understand the sensors and sensor interfaces such as I2C, UART, etc
  3. Embedded C, python, or similar software fluency
  4. Excellent communication skills
  5. Ability to work in a team and individually.

We look forward to receiving applications in the area of Business development. The following areas presents and interest to the company (a) Marketing and sales (b) market research and (c) Digital marketing. Preferably a person with experience and has a master degree in business administration. 

We welcome investors who are curious about the development of next generation respiratory analysers. We want to work with people who believe in a healthier society. 

Topics for Master Thesis and Interns

We are open to Master Thesis and Interns for the following topics:

We offer Internship / master thesis projects in electronics and embedded systems.

  1. Circuit design and PCB design. Candidate preferably has used Altium/KiCAD for layout, Pspice (LTspice) based softwares for circuit simulation.
  2. Embedded systems:  Microcontroller programming,sensor interface, RTOS, Bluetooth communication.
  3. Cloud computing and use of Amazon (AWS) services for storage,computing and user interface. 

We offer master thesis in fluid flow simulations. Preferably a mechanical engineer with hands-on experience in Ansys, Solidworks, Matlab, and other relevant software.

We offer master thesis in electrochemical sensor design. The candidate is expected to know about amperometric sensors, potentiometric sensors, and pH sensors.

We offer master thesis in the domain of MEMS-based metal oxide sensor and low-pressure sensor. Preferably the candidate has a background in nanotechnology and has taken few courses in sensors design and fabrication.  To apply, kindly send your CV with cover letter to info[at]


Two Masters students from Uppsala University, Felix S and Vijayakanna presented their thesis work on advanced respiratory analysers

Mar 26, 2024 Thesis work related to respiratory analysers

GattyInstruments recruits a Master thesis student to work on breathanalyser systems.

Feb 02, 2023

Gatty Instruments becomes a member of the International Association of Breath Research. This allows GI to collaborate and work with extraordinary people in the field of breath research.

July 29,2022

We are pleased to announce that GattyInstruments and Deversify have received a Vinnova grant for a feasibility study into the next generation of microsensors for breathalysers. The aim of the project is to improve MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical System) size, speed and price.

March 31, 2022

GattyInstruments works on a consulting project

May 01, 2021​

Deversify, a Uppsala, Sweden based company, enters development agreement on new microsensors with GattyInstruments (more in press section)

March 16, 2021​

    Vinnova has recognised the efforts of GattyInstruments and Deversify to improve human health through breath analysis. Understanding metabolic health is key to understanding human health overall

    Hithesh K Gatty CEO, GattyInstruments

    MEMS tech is also the right choice for our climate – smaller size means lower energy consumption compared to existing sensors. Health monitoring via breathalysers will be revolutionised when we can make even faster, smaller and less expensive devices

    Anders Murman CEO, Deversify

    Vinnova has recognised the efforts of GattyInstruments and Deversify to improve human health through breath analysis. Understanding metabolic health is key to understanding human health overall

    Hithesh K Gatty CEO, GattyInstruments

    MEMS tech is also the right choice for our climate – smaller size means lower energy consumption compared to existing sensors. Health monitoring via breathalysers will be revolutionised when we can make even faster, smaller and less expensive devices

    Anders Murman CEO, Deversify